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Feed = 50%-70% of poultry production costs.
Optimization of feed usage = higher profit margins for the farmer

Intelligent Feeding for Poultry Houses

Metabolic Robots has developed a state-of-the-art system to optimize poultry house feed distribution according to actual demand and enable real-time monitoring and management to significantly improve broiler house efficiency and profits.

The Metabolic Robots system will:
  • Reduce amount of feed for desired weight
  • Lower mortality rates
  • Lessen weight variability across the flock
  • Cut energy consumption through reduced runtime of feeding line engines
  • Provide alerts on system malfunctions or flock disease

Our Technology/Product

Metabolic Robots has developed an innovative poultry feeding system for real-time automatic distribution and regulation of feed according to actual flock demand. The system uses proprietary algorithms and is operated by a master controller with an easy-to-read touch screen. Data, which is collected by standard sensors in the feeding trays, is analyzed and compiled into reports that the farmer accesses on a mobile device or computer. The system is conveniently designed for easy integration into any existing or new broiler house feeding system.

The numerous system benefits include
  • Reduction in feed consumed to produce desired weight
  • Lower mortality rates
  • Improved uniformity in weight across the flock
  • Alerts to prevent system malfunctions and the spread of disease
  • A tool for more efficiently managing broiler house operation
  • Improved animal welfare – a growing industry concern

Metabolic Robots is currently conducting beta sites at large facilities in Israel, Germany, and South America. Results to date support a 2%-5% reduction in feed consumption. Alerts of potential disease, feeding/mechanical malfunctions, and worker absence at the beta sites point to added benefits for growers. Increased efficiency equals greater profits. Using industry data, a 3% savings in feed will save around $16,200 per broiler house per year. The total savings for a mid-sized operation with 500 houses is significant: $8.1 million annually.

The Market

As an industry that operates on very thin margins, optimization of production is crucial to success in the poultry industry. Feed costs account for 50%-70% of overall production costs and the Food Conversion Rate (FCR) -- the rate at which feed is converted to meat -- is an increasingly important parameter. Today’s standard feeding systems distribute large portions of feed at preset times, without accounting for real-time demand, breed requirements, or flock behavior. The result is wasted feed (from overeating) and higher mortality rates, leading to reduced profitability.

Poultry consumption is forecast to increase by 45% from 2010 to 2030 (Agriculture Commodity Markets Outlook 2011-2020, European Commission), expanding the need and opportunity for Metabolic Robots’ system

Heads up!

FCR (Food Conversion Rate) = rate at which feed is converted to poultry meat Reduction of FCR is extremely parameter for profitability



Our Team

Ziv Dubinsky

Founder, CTO

Poultry production expert and entrepreneur, awarded Prime Minister Prize for Initiatives and Innovation
Guy Malchi

Business Development

Industrial engineer with over 18 years international experience in executive management, commercial and business development
Nitzan Barazani


Former General Manager at Technoplast, production manager at Keter Plastic
Eran Ararat

BOD & Management Advisor

Poultry industry expert; >20 years selling poultry breeds and working with growers
Aart van’t Land

Board Member

Director Business Development, Lely Holding, The Netherlands

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